When shooting portraits I always like to make it a collaborative effort. Sometimes I need to be the director and give instruction on where to stand and how to pose, but I am always open to input from the other side of the lens. No one knows you better than you, so I like to take advantage of the digital format and let you see what we are getting as we shoot so we can arrive together at the killer shot!



Working with kids:

I have lots of practice working with kids - including my 11 nieces and nephews. I find that if you let the kids be a part of the process, everybody is a lot happier with the session and the results.

One of the advantages of shooting digitally is that the kids can see what the pictures look like, and that tends to get them excited about making more pictures. One of the other benefits is that shooting more pictures isn't more expensive, so we can shoot through many ideas quickly. If they get to make suggestions (and maybe even take a couple goofy shots) they really enjoy the session and then you get real smiles instead of the forced ones that always look unbelievable.


When all else fails - Thank Goodness for Photoshop!